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Redrock Agility
Agility Equipment

Affordable and Durable


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Redrock agility equipment is made from PVC and wood (for contact obstacles) for durability, portability, and ease of replacement. Our contact obstacles are built on a PVC frame, the first that we know of. This is especially important for clubs and other "high use" agility persons because it allows you to easily replace just the wood portion (the contact part) and not have to struggle to remove it from the frame, possibly weakening it.

We make all varieties of jumps, weave poles, contact obstacles, or anything else you may possibly need. All products are available at training heights, regulation (USDAA, NADAC, AKC) heights, or adjustible heights. The only obstacle we do not currently make are tunnels, for tunnel manufacturers, please see our links page.

We also have the capabilities for aluminum, steel, or wood frame equipment for competition/heavy duty uses, please email us if you are interested.

Pictures coming soon!

PVC Framed A-Frame
$225.00 US (PVC frame only, adjustable for two heights)
$325.00 US (Complete, yellow contacts, your choice of contrast color)
Options: Custom colors, traction surface, fully adjustable)

PVC Framed Dog Walk
$200.00 US (PVC frame only)
$300.00 US (Complete - see above)
Options: Custom colors, PVC decorations, traction surface)
Contact us for options for adjusting the dog walk.

PVC Teeter Base
$100.00 US

Adjustible Teeter Base
$125.00 US

WAM (Weave-o-matic)-style weave poles
$30.00 US 4 poles (for indoor use)
$40.00 US 6 poles
$65.00 US 12 poles
Please specify pole heights, ex: 24", 36" ...
For information on how WAM-style poles work, go to and look under the Weave Pole Challenge

SIG (Stick-in-Ground)-style weaves
$25.00 US 6 poles
$40.00 US 12 poles

Displacable Tire Jump
$125.00 US (Adjustible for standard heights, other heights available according to your needs)

Adjustible, (but not displacable)Tire Jump
$125.00 US

SIG-style PVC jumps
$15.00 US (Complete with single bar jump and adjustible jump cups. Use multiples for spread jumps)

Freestanding PVC Jumps
$30.00 US (Same as above, but with a sturdy PVC base)

Winged PVC Jumps
Call for quote.

Adjustible Pause Table
$100.00 US
Adjusts to all standard heights

Regular Pause Table
$85.00 US
Does not adjust in height, but you can remove the top for use as a training table.

Pause Box
$30.00 US

Coming soon:
Cross overs
Chute Tunnels
Broad Jumps

We also have "starter" packages depending on your needs, budget and space.

Please email us for more information.

Redrock Agility