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Aurora Borealis of Kodiak
Isis is a German Shepherd Dog, born on August 5, 1999. She is my protector and friend. There is nothing this talented dog has tried that she has not excelled at. She is currently training in Search and Rescue with the Bryan chapter of Search Dog Network. Our future plans include herding and agility. Look for Isis in the agility ring soon!

Photo Credit: Search Dog Network


Kilamenjaro's Kago
Kago (Tater, Tate :) ) is my "lap dog". This is relative considering he weighs more than Bonnie! Kago is a black and white Basenji who was born on December 20, 2000. He is a really big sweetheart and fulfills his purpose very well, sleeping on my lap during movies (and snoring somewhat!) I got Kago because I had wanted a Basenji very badly since I first met one in 1993. Despite several typical Basenji characteristics (destruction!), Kago is surprisingly obedient and will even swim! I may play around with him in lure coursing, but for now, he helps me do chores and plays on the agility equipment, a la freestyle!

Bonnie Boo Boo Head

Western Hills Hide and Seek
Bonnie (Boo) is an Australian Shepherd who was born on Januray 7, 2001. She is a very loving dog and is completely obsessed with me (although it is mutual). She is starting her show career and will pursue agility and herding in the future.

Photo credit: Heidi Mobley